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Ki Chain (XKI)

Open-source, public blockchain designed to enable decentralized finance, built with the Cosmos SDK.

Snapshot (Max. 4 hours old)

Pruning: custom/100/0/10 - Indexer: null
sudo systemctl stop kid
cp $HOME/.kid/data/priv_validator_state.json $HOME/.kid/priv_validator_state.json.backup
rm -rf $HOME/.kid/data $HOME/.kid/wasm
curl -o - -L | lz4 -c -d - | tar -x -C $HOME/.kid
mv $HOME/.kid/priv_validator_state.json.backup $HOME/.kid/data/priv_validator_state.json
sudo systemctl start kid

Wasm only (Max. 4 hours old)

rm -rf $HOME/.kid/wasm
curl -o - -L | lz4 -c -d - | tar -x -C $HOME/.kid/

Addrbook (Updated every hour)

curl -Ls > $HOME/.kid/config/addrbook.json

Genesis file

curl -Ls > $HOME/.kid/config/genesis.json

Persistent Peer

e7bab7[email protected]:28656

Seed Node

8edd80[email protected]:38656

RPC Endpoint

REST/API Endpoint

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